Dashcam catches toddler falling out of car


This is the horrifying moment a toddler fell out the back of a moving car and the driver didn't even notice.

The incident http://garagedoorsco.com/ was filmed on the dashcam of the vehicle behind, whose passengers are heard yelling out the window.

The child can be see rolling out the back of the van onto the busy motorway after the vehicles boot shoots open while travelling on a road in Suzhou, eastern China.

After falling out the back of the car, the child is seen getting to his feet and chasing after his grandfather's vehicle.

The driver of the car that filmed the incident then runs to pick up the child, before his grandfather eventually returns.

The grandfather told local media that the toddler was initially riding in the backseat, but climbed into the rear cargo hold when he wasn't looking.

The child then pushed against the boot door, which was broken and could not be securely closed.

By the time the grandfather realized what had happened, the child had already fallen out.

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Reflections on Getting Shot

'This is the Unluckiest and Luckiest Day of Your Life'

Staring at the ceiling of the ambulance, and wishing that Susan were in a part of the vehicle where I could see and talk to her, I remembered the last line of my morning Native American-inspired prayer ceremony: "It's a good day to die." I had said it that morning. The paramedic with me had reassured me that it didn't seem like I was suffering from serious internal bleeding, and I wasn't so scared anymore. But I did reflect on how, when I said those words, I never took seriously that today could be the day.

Who Cares What He Looks Like, Where's the Ambulance?

The first thing I heard was a low, husky voice, almost a stage whisper, practically in my ear: "Give me all your money." For a moment I didn't know what was happening, but Susan turned to him, exclaiming in a voice higher-pitched than usual, "I don't have any money!" I felt a tug on the strap of my little shoulder bag. Normally mild-mannered to a fault, I sensed that this was a kid who had no idea what he was doing -- what kind of robber wouldn't approach his victims from http://www.garagedoorservice.com/ the front, so they would know what was happening, and give them some reason to comply with his demand? -- and I instinctively turned, pulled back on the bag, and said, "Get the fuck out of here." I thought chasing him away would be doing him a favor.

"Are you sure?" asked my skeptical partner. Always ready to let Susan's confidence in her take on reality overcome mine, I answered, "Maybe he was using blanks and I just felt the muzzle blast." I was bent over a little but had no trouble walking, and we continued a half-block to a streetlight, where I could sit on the step at the entry to someone's yard and lean my back against a pillar. "I don't think he shot you," Susan opined. (It wasn't too many days before we learned that we were both traumatized, but we were each calm at the time.) I unbuttoned my Levis, and half-inch circle of blood on my underwear vindicated me.

I was getting scared. A bullet had gone into my abdomen, and I was half-sitting, half-lying there, and it seemed like no help was coming. I knew I could be bleeding internally and lose consciousness at any moment, so I started orienting Susan to the family members on my cell-phone contact list. The officer finally made another call. In a few minutes the massive garage door on the fire station across the street lumbered open, and a full-sized fire truck drove over to us.

I also thought about the others -- anonymous to me but certainly a good-sized contingent -- who, like me, had awakened that morning expecting a normal day, but who now, for one reason or another, were on their way to a hospital or were dead. And I thought of those who got hurt but don't have ambulance service where they live.

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And often it doesn't. But if my being is so impacted by the experience -- lightweight compared to what our soldiers, their targets and "collateral" victims, the victims of those whom we arm, and so many others in the world endure -- I have to wonder what we are unleashing into the world, while our crime and combat shows and movies portray shootings as not such a big deal.

That's what the doctor said after the tests were done and the CT scan was read. The emergency-room crew, large, ready and competent, had catheterized me immediately because it looked like a bullet entering where it did would pierce my bladder. Somehow there was no internal damage at all. Eight hours after coming to the emergency room, after tests and then long waiting and observation, I hobbled out under my own power. The medical treatment: a little gauze pad taped over the entry wound, a bandaid for the exit wound. The worst part was the removal of the catheter. Four days later I chaired a meeting as planned, and I got to tell my story.

I took a ritual "reclaim-the-street" walk in the Elmwood last night. I was surprised how many times I suddenly turned around to look behind me, even when I had heard nothing. But I was grateful that I could do it, and for the cool, not-quite-foggy Bay Area night air. And I missed Susan.

Three years ago, my then-girlfriend Susan and I were taking a walk in her neighborhood, the prosperous Elmwood District in Berkeley, Calif. Like now, it was the time of year where it was already dark before dinner time, though it was still a surprise. We could see the cheery glow of the friendly College Avenue commercial district a block and a half ahead, with its newly installed holiday lights and decorations.

We'd deviated a bit from Susan's standard, complicated route. An elementary-school teacher, she'd suggested a game to test my memory -- I would try to lead. I had made a mistake which she didn't correct, as it would take us only a block out of our way. I was focused on telling her that I realized we weren't on the usual street, so I missed what she heard: the footsteps of someone, whom she assumed to be a jogger, running up behind us.

Meanwhile, our fleeing karma-mate had passed a jogger headed in our direction and told him, "I think a man back there needs help." The jogger stopped by us briefly, then continued a block to where a patrol car was parked. The officer approached (I now know him as Stan, and we still happily greet each other in our rare encounters on the street), and a woman whose step we were on came out with her cell phone. At the time, though, I thought the cop was more interested in law enforcement than in getting me help, and, as the minutes ticked by, and finally a distant siren sounded, and receded, we got more concerned and impatient.

I wasn't unscathed. My energy was sapped for weeks. I went to a followup medical appointment, then had to rest in my car for an hour, then got some breakfast, then rested again before driving home. A therapist specializing in EMDR for trauma helped me release the greater part of what I was holding. (Susan needed as many sessions as I did.) For awhile, when I was dancing again, crashing drumbeats would send me cowering in tears. Even now, an unexpected expression used in conversation by someone else ("It's not like someone put a gun to you and made you do it") often produces a visible jolt in my body and a short-lived but intense emotional shock.

Paramedics unceremoniously cut off my old leather jacket, belt and jeans. (Susan later admitted being happy to see the jacket ruined.) They, like the people in the ambulance that did come, the emergency-room crew, and the CT scan tech, asked me a lot of questions. I mentioned that something felt sticky under my buttock. It was a little more blood, and there was a bullet inside my underwear. It had entered just above my pubic bone and come out of my right buttock, slightly lower than the place of entry and well off to the side.

Well, it worked. He turned and ran. But first I saw a flash of fire and felt as if I'd been punched in my lower pelvis. No pain, just impact. No sound, either, though people a block away heard a crack. Neighbors also heard Susan scream, which I didn't. But I did know what had happened, and I told Susan: "He shot me!"


Loose Sagging Chain on Opener

As with all mechanical devices, moving parts are the ones that have a tendency to malfunction due to use. Over time, it is possible that the chain on your garage door opener may begin to droop or sag. If this happens, it may cause the chain to slip out if its sprocket, rendering your garage door opener useless.


Adjust the Chain

Testing and checks

Loose, Sagging Chain

If this does not fix the problem, you may consider replacing the garage door opener with a new unit. Its possible the chain is not the only thing wrong with your door.

Over time and with use, the chain on an automatic garage door opener can begin to loosen. As the door is raised and lowered, the connections on the chain tend to expand. When the chain becomes loose enough it will hang and can become tangled causing your door to stop. It can also slip out of its sprocket and become disconnected from the motor or the door.

Most garage door openers use an efficient electric motor attached to the ceiling of your garage. This motor is attached to a bracket on the actual garage door by the use of a bicycle type slotted chain. The garage door remote sends a radio signal to the motor, telling it to either move the chain to pull the door up, or allow the door to go down.

Before you test the garage door, make sure the chain is properly threaded through the mechanism sprockets. Then test the door to make certain that the door is opening and closing properly. Make sure you are away from the mechanism before you test it.

To adjust the chain, you simply loosen the nut closest to the motor and then tighten the nut closest to the door. This will pull the http://www.fixmygaragedoor.org/ loose chain toward the door and tighten it.

If by any chance you have run out of adjustment room (you have tightened the adjustment bolt as far as it will go), it is possible to remove links in the chain. It is also possible to get a half link to allow you replace a full link and adjust the chain.

On most systems which use a chain, there is an adjustment bolt that attaches the chain to the bracket at the top of the door. This is a threaded bolt with an eyelet attached to the end of the chain, and it will have a nut on either side of the bracket hole.

Home Improvement: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

Credit Improving the interior http://ow.ly/10qsQH of your home can be done out of necessity or simple desire. Or maybe you just want to...

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By: Mady Dahlstrom, Content Editor for Porch.comFrom painting the exterior of your home, to updating your landscape or unclogging a drain, home im...

A clean and organized closet can give you peace of mind and save you time and money, according to experts. However, we tend to clutter those closets with clothes that don't fit, linens, tax records and anything else we want out of sight.

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What's the point of a countdown to relaxation if your home is in fact just another stress-box? Make your home an actual getaway with some of these surefire tips that will make you want to skip those after work happy hours to just curl up on the couch.

We talk about saving money around every financial turn, from buying discounted packaged dry goods in bulk to keeping up with the maintenance on our brand new vehicles. Yet, one area of homeowner costs literally and figuratively flies out the window.

By: Alex Robinson Credit: Shuttershock One day you woke up, watched the news, put ...


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Everything worth caring about in food, drink, and travel

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We're not really into knitting, but this blanket totally changed our minds. It is the softest, cuddliest, most amazing blanket, ever and we think you should start with this tutorial this weekend.

Home ownership has its ups and downs. On the plus side: redecorating! On the minus: discovering asbestos in your basement. But even through the not-so...


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Time to throw out the notion of the "stuffy" grandparents houses like we used to visit in our childhoods. Who doesn't remember as kids going to visit the grandparents, and how the house seemed to us more like a museum than a place to live?

Buck Wargo

Buck Wargo, Sr. Editor | NowItCounts.com

Designing without explicit limitations as if "the sky's the limit" is actually harder than when there are constraints. Design process can start anywhere. Sure. Hard to argue with that. But it's a bit daunting, too open-ended.

If these sprawling campus behemoths don't make better use of technology, all of those dormitories, student centers, and administrative buildings that they are so busy building will have to reinvent themselves.

Rana Florida

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If you're hoping to increase your home's value (above and beyond the cost of an upgrade itself), you should know that some updates that are valuable to you may not be valuable to potential buyers.


We make finding a place to live easy and enjoyable.

Ten years ago, the young physician moved back to this former coal-mining town nestled in the Appalachians with the goal of buying a house of her own in her hometown. But not just any house: It had to be a house with character.

I started out cooking with no more than a wok and metal spatula, but, today, I'm spoiled with a fully stocked kitchen and all the gadgets http://dreamgaragedoorsanfrancisco.com/garage-door-repair/ and toys I need.


Everything worth caring about in food, drink, and travel


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